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The last few weeks have been awkward. Skint, very much so.
Now we are having to have meetings with banks and beg for help. Not sure if I’m getting paid by work at all, or if it will be a tiny percentage, maybe even the normal salary? Sadly I’ve no access to anything showing company policies or procedures on HR type things.

My job kept me depressed. I could turn up smiling and leave crying. It’s a complicated thing, I work for a small company but within a massive department store. I would see people from my company maybe every 3 to 5 months. I would see staff from the building I worked inside daily. They knew my name, and knew I was lonely, and I suspect they know I wasn’t coping very well if how the CCTV was pointed at me so often was owt to go by. No conversation was ever started that wasn’t a pop about my sanity, sexuality, appearance, or lack of friends / how many nights they’d had out recently. Knowing I am allergic to alcohol and have no one to babysit, so a conversation I had nothing to add to.

I really do not want to go back to that job, honestly thought about suicide more at work than anywhere else. It’s not good for me. I can’t even walk near that building without feeling as though I’m going to freak out or vomit.

My sick note runs out soon. Where do I stand? Can I resign? Will I owe them? Would I get any help? What if doctors extend my sick leave, am I allowed, morally and legally, to seek alternative employment?

Me being at home is putting us in bad debt, but work was destroying me. I am willing to work, but NOT lonely work, I need a team or same will happen.

Could I get jsa or incapacity benefits if I’m struggling to find appropriate work? Helpful comments welcomed.

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5 thoughts on “Money work etc


    if your signed off work you can apply for ESA assuming your dr will keep you signed off for health reasons, have you told him/her everything in regards to your feelings? leave nothing out if you do.
    Speak to your employer and explain the situation you may find them being more supportive than you expect but if your unhappy there anyway do you have anything to lose by bringing it up with management?

  • ButtonF1Fan

    I fear I could be sacked for talking, I hate it so much now Im not certain I would remain calm if i phone them.

    So I just need my doctor onside? Dear doc, I cant work in retail! Im rubbish at pretending to care, if i dont care about myself anymore WHY do customers inagine id give a flying monky’s wether a certain hand bag matches their luggage. Arggg.

    Ive no idea how I say I quit, and how to not get penalised by DSS somehow for it. If you quit I was told you cant claim benefits, if you’re sacked for bad behaviour, again, told the same.

    Thanks Mr Moose, sounds like I have a hope there.


    they ant sack you if your off sick – if they did you could take them to court for unfair dismissal 😀 speak to your gp and even contact the job centre and discuss it with them – deep breaths health has to come first speak to the manager at your store or the HR department