Mothers Day at my Place 3

It didn’t start perfect, Jen wet his bed in the night, thankfully his bed has special sheets on and it worked well (a review on that to follow soon). So in the night he came into my bed when I was asleep, the smell of wee woke me, at which point was too late as he’d been lying in my bed for long enough to let his soaked pjs get my bed stinky and wet. Lovely… First task of mothers day, lots of washing including both quilts.
Wish he’d stayed in his bed.

When I woke this morning I was greeted by an almost naked Jen waving a box of chocolates at me, suggesting I forget breakfast and eat these. I obliged of course. Would be rude not to! Shortly after this partner appears with a mug of coffee and D comes in with this…

I love trees. I’ve run out of space outside for them. I have a Rowan, a cherry, two types of apples, a Christmas tree, two small conifers and five more fruit trees on order. I only live in a house but I’d plant an orchard if I could.

So an indoor tree was a brilliant idea. Well done D, I like my bonsai!
Partner has made a posh fry-up, that means slow cooked gammon instead of bacon, fresh this morning eggs fried, and strongly spiced home made chutney instead of brown sauce. A kick arse brunch sandwich, yummy!

Now the washing mountain caused by Jen is nearly sorted, and it will soon be time to drive to the Nan’s and Great Grandma’s with the house plant pressies. We avoid cut flowers, such a temporary gift and it seems such a waste.

At least with Hyacinth’s in a pot they can pop the bulbs outside when the flowers die off, and as if by magic they will flower again next year and they don’t need a vase. Cut flowers are dead in a fortnight and a bit of a faff, you’ve no idea how many children, grand and great grand children bring one of these great grandma’s cut flowers, she runs out of vases and then drinking glasses and can’t use her dining table for that fortnight as she feels to guilty to get rid of a few bunches.

On the plus side I get to drive my Custard today, yay! I like driving in my car…. Beep beep Beep Beep, I like driving in my car, it is not a jaguar..

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3 thoughts on “Mothers Day at my Place

  • Coombe Mill

    Now these are the days I miss, OK not the wet bed but the excited entrance with presents and love first thing in the morning. Please treasure this time, I can feel it slipping away from me as mine grow up! Lovely that you got to go to the Grandparents too, ours are all too far away.

  • Julie MRB

    Thanks both of you. Grandparents, not my idea of fun to be honest, sorry. It’s partners family not mine which makes me miss my Nan even more!

    I love my little cute tree too. the chocolate is already gone, oops.