Mothers Day outfit at Next 4

Well I’ve today seen a challenging competition on Jade & Tara’s blog that I had to have a go at entering.

I’ve not had the best relationship with my Mother, but I am trying to be her friend again, and I’m sure she’d be chuffed if I won Next clothing for her.

The challenge is to make a complete outfit just from products for sale at Next.

Here is what I’d suggest for my Mum on Mothers day.

Images from Next website
I would pick a nice lace dress for my Mum, she suits maxi dresses best I think. Also this one goes into larger sizes and like me, my Mum isn’t tiny. It is black and creamy beige, She often wears either shockingly bright prints or plain neutral colours. I’m not going to pick out a print that makes me dizzy, that’s all I’m saying… Moving on!
With this, as we can’t trust the English weather I’ve added a nice little Jacket in similar colours. The shoes are flats, but just like me, my Mum has painful feet and heels just are not for her. They are very plain, classic and nice I think, not too fussy. This goes nicely with the beautiful bag, which would be useful for hiding the disorganised chaos that is a Mother’s handbag. :-)
The necklace itself may not truly match the outfit but its very like my Mum’s taste, would show I thought about it. Brownie points!
Last but not least, a gorgeous watch that would go with everything from Jeans to a posh suit.
Fingers crossed, let me make my Mum’s Mothers day a decent one this year?
Mind you, if mum was dressed like this I might look like a bit of a tramp. We would probably go to a posh coffee and cake place in central London, then pretend to be tourists and do the London eye or Greenwich boat trips. Why not!?

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