My Cars 2 fan 2

Little Jen has been banging on about Lewis Hamilton’s character in Cars 2. He watches the DVD about once a week, has has been know to sleep hugging a Cars jigsaw puzzle! Definately the boys favourite film.

There is a small set of toy cars at around £4 to £5, similar sizing to Hot Wheels but not quite. Jen already has Lightening McQueen, Mater and Francesco… but had seen Lewis in photos on the back of other cars packaging. He really wanted Lewis, but seems he was rare. I had never seen one “in the flesh” until this weekend. I had read other cars fans in Twitter struggling to get a Lewis car. @f1_LewisFan I’m looking at you! He saw that photo you tweeted ages ago as he was next to me.
There are none in sainsburys, Asda, argos, Debenhams, or toys are us!

So Jen went shopping with daddy on Friday, I stayed at home with D…. the boys needed spliting up.
After getting back home Jen informs me he saw a real Lewis car in Tesco’s, so ask his dad. This was indeed true, although daddy hadn’t realised it was rare/hard to come by. Were apparently 2 Lewis cars on the shelf.

Both boys got a Fiver in a card from thier Great grandparents on Saturday morning, D wasn’t fussy about spending it, Jen however was nagging lots. “can we go back to Tesco now? They’ve got Lewis quick before he’s taken” “i don’t want lunch, I just need to go to Tesco” doing the wee wee dance, “i need to go use Tesco’s loo”. Talk about persistant.

So we of course end up in Tesco after lunch, first (and only) aisle visited, toys! Just one Lewis left, Jen grabs it like it was a giant Ruby from a mine. Very cute, we prize it from his hand so we can ask D to price check it just incase its on a 3 for 2 or something, and a slight panic then occurs. We have to guard the Cars2 shelf, *rolls eyes*

D walks back EMPTY HANDED, shocking all three of us. I’m just asking whyyyy he would put it down as Jen had been looking for months, when a Tesco’s lady appears.

” I’m sorry but I can’t tell you the price, nor can I sell it to you as its ‘file not found’ so isn’t on our barcode system” I understand her point but we’ve driven here JUST for Lewis car, and the 3 year old is waving his own Fiver saying “pleaseeeee can I take him home now mum” and the lady backs down a little, she was very polite and nice the whole time, but Jen thought she was mean.

She now says, she can’t sell it unless she can get a price, so we show ticketing for lightening and other main cars is £4.47. So we have to go to the till immeadiately with her, she was still holding Lewis…. and Jen was sulking slightly, albeit quitely but a mum can tell.

We go to till with her, she faffs about at till, lots of buttons, I think she writes the barcode number off to lose the stock, then sells it to us on a department number only, the lady whose till she took us to had never seen this done.

Jen finally gets to hand over his Fiver, and promptly hugs the packaging around Lewis, proudly clutching it and the receipt! D bought a super soaker water gun, nerf style, he’s also happy, but not as happy as Jen who looks like he just won lotto!

Saturday night he took Lewis to hug in bed and talked to Lewis for over an hour in bed! Today he’s been in his hand ALL DAY and has it in bed again. He’s already covered in scratches and looks old, but never mind, he phoned great grandmother to tell her and say thanks but he was all high pitched and excited…. She couldn’t understand a word he said. Hehe.

It’s so cute, but I really hope he never loses this car or there will be tears.

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