My first car, maybe? 2

Well today I went out and “tried cars on” thinking would be just window shopping.
I’m rather tall, I was more than 6ft tall before my back problem. This means my legs are disproportionately long. Getting on buses hurts as I can normally only fit in the disabled seats… I appear plain old lazy, but I am unable to get my legs in the normal seats.

Cars are the same, many are so tight I can’t get in the back whatsoever. As a front seat passenger I’m ok as I move the seat back and put my knees to one side. You can’t do this in the drivers seat as the wheel gets in the way. Plus you kind of need to have control of your feet.

Clios, corsas and old fiestas are a no go, despite being sensible mummy cars. I actually want a mini but I’m sure you know thats unlikely to work…. Unless I threw out the front seat and drive from the back seat, like a smart car. Haha.

I was a yellow peugeot 307 in one secondhand dealership and asked could I try it for size. Was cheap, looked lovely but had rear end damage. I managed to get in but I couldn’t move my right leg at all, well a one cm wiggle. I was wearing tights… If I had jeans on I’d be properly wedged in. Luckily I remembered that partner used to have one of these, so I looked about for the magic lever to move the steering wheel. Hurrah, it just allows me a comfortable space for my leg. It’s an option. This one costs £1400 and I hesitate due to the damage.

I walk with partner to the next secondhand car place. Amazingly they have the same car, same colour, with considerably less mileage, only six months different in age but this has no damage, a main dealer stamped service history and is £1800.

Please no one buy that car before I take out the deposit from a cashpoint. It’s MINE! I will be there when you open up guys…. Seriously it’s mine.
This is money from my Nan’s will, inheritance money. She would have been pleased I was doing something sensible.

Now I just need to book and take a driving test. I can’t practice in partners car, it’s a year old Astra with a body kit and sporty. It’s too powerful, and parking it in town is harder.. An estate.

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