My week in photos #MySundayPhoto 6

autumn trees

This week my older son Dee was abroad with his school on holiday. It was nice having just one kid at home. I love them both, but they truly fight like cat and dog when together, a few days apart was blissful.

autumn tree


I even had time for walkies without rushing and one evening Blokey played football with Jen while I walked played with the dogs on the fields. Just a year ago he wasn’t really fit enough to play like this with the boys, it’s weird (a good weird) to see him running about.


On Thursday we went bowling, just the three of us. Hardly any drama although he left upset he lost in the last few rounds due to his Dad getting a couple of strikes.

rugby selfie

On Friday my sister came down for the rugby, and it was a very late night. Blokey and Fi had a bit of a pints drinking contest, much giggling followed. It was lovely.

We had to be up at 3am Saturday morning for Dee’s return home. Then all back to bed! Obviously it was a sleepy house all round today, we finally were all up and dressed by 1pm so went to a local café for a late and lazy English breakfast.

Autumn walkies

When he was away Dee found me some nicely coloured and fruity smelling soap. Hand made and cruelty free. He was so pleased with himself that he’d got a perfect gift, except he didn’t realise it wasn’t a local German brand. Nope, he was actually in Lush. Bless him, he was a bit sad when he realised it was actually English madet, but the thought was most definitely there. Plus I know he doesn’t like going into Lush with me, he says the smell is so overpowering it makes him sick. To shop somewhere he’d have hated, that’s pretty affectionate for a teenage lad?
If you’re reading this Dee, love you.


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