#MySundayPhoto birthday boy 12

This week was my little chaps birthday. It’s been a bit of a stressful week for me, Doris Dog needed stitches and minor surgery following a second and a half long argument with Freya Woof. It cost a fortune, but sensibly I had pet insurance so I just had to pay the excess.


Look at area at the top of Doris' back leg.

My eldest lad D was off school sick with a high temperature and trying super hard not to vomit. He mainly slept, in wintery fleece pyjamas and a fan aimed at his face – a weird combination that. I didn’t photo him, he wouldn’t have been impressed.

I’ve had to go to the doctors about my own health, I’m averaging 4 hours of sleep a night for the last few months then “crashing out” during the day. I am exhausted and not coping well at all. Also my knee, I was sent for an X-ray to check out the cause of the weakness and pain. As the appointment was late afternoon Jen had to accompany me to the hospital but after the journey there I had to ask for a cardboard bowl for him so he wouldn’t puke on the floor.


It was too much for him. I love warm though.

Good news, there was nothing damaged or chipped visible on the X-ray. Bad news is they haven’t a clue what is actually wrong yet. My doctor just banned me from running and similar but I told her I would still be doing Pretty Muddy next weekend as it’s for charity.

But the weekend has been all about Jen.


This was his first proper party, he chose the venue.


We killed Dave the minion and ate him.

What have you been up to this week?


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