Nerf For Christmas 1

As a child I used to love Nerf but was told I wasn’t allowed it, as I am a girl. How mean!?
My eldest son D loves Nerf’s and has a bit of a collection upstairs.
So he was Delighted when I told him Argos wanted to send him and Jen a Nerf each. You probably heard recently about the top Christmas Toys being announced, Nerf was on it. Dream toys here at Argos.


Jen had a Stryfe and D had the Alpha Trooper CS12 Nerf.

Sadly the weather has been against us, so not many photos, but my boys have been running about outside and inside shooting each other, me, and Blokey.
Everything has been a target!

These were brilliant fun. Jen struggled with his jamming, but my in-house-Nerf-expert D insists it was user error not an actual fault. D knows what he’s on about, he has 8 Nerfs, several are clip system like these two Nerfs are, which means the clips (dart holder ammo thingymabobs) are interchangeable and almost all his darts are the clip system style too. If he loses any ammo he has no need to search obsessively for them (as he did with an earlier Nerf he had lost the darts from – 4 hours later he was still stropy and searching so I had to go online and buy spares to calm him down enough to get him in bed!) The age label on the box said Jen was a bit young for it really. D’s Nerf is fab – no issues at all, and its now hidden in his Nerf draws, with 200ish bullets.

I’d suggest that the Alpha trooper is the better toy. Holds more darts, doesn’t need batteries and fires smoother. The Stryfe isn’t a bad Nerf but when you trial 2 items it’s ok to have a favourite and a spare right?
D rates these Nerfs as 9 out of 10 and 7 out of 10. He dislikes giving a “10” rating which means the Alpha Trooper isn’t half bad. 7 for the Stryfe is because the semi automatic firing is a bit clunky. I could use it, so could D but Blokey and Jen struggled to fire it without jamming.

Disclosure: Argos sent my boys these toys for free for the purposes of this review. Our opinions are honest.

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