Noisy Neighbours

It is 4am and I have just woken up in the rent, I’ve got myself an irritating cold and sore throat. Anyways, enough of that. 4 am, I’d expect it to be quieter than it is. In the forest next to us, I can hear the river flowing and splashing, and something is walking about slowly in the woods, sneaking but breaking twigs, rustling through bushes, ferns and brambles. I’m thinking it might be a fox, sniffling and sneaking about?

The loudest noise, after Blokey’s snoring and the river is the owl. Since we pitched up tent here at the River Dart country park the owl has made herself known. From shortly after nightfall she starts calling, twit twoooo, twit twoooo. I thought she might stop, but apparently not, she’s still awake now and going for it!

There is also some kind of bird of prey out there. It’s almost circling, with it’s high pitched calls coming from various locations in the sky above. The call I believe to be a buzzard, but I’m no expert.

I fell back asleep for an hour or two, then woke again at 6:30 and heard…..? Someone playing air hockey! Ermm 6:30 is a nutty time to be playing games like that, weird! So pleased my lads don’t go running to the “games room” first thing in the mornings, we are over a week in now, and thankfully we’ve not been asked once to waste money on the air hockey, coin pusher things or teddy/sweet grabbing claw machines.

Was a good sleep despite the interruptions.

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