The Oakwood Table Table* at Twigworth

Around Christmas time we went to The Oakwood, a Table Table restaurant at Twigworth near Gloucester. It is just off the side of a busy road, but inside you don’t really notice the road noise so you can relax. We were met by a friendly young lady in a festive jumper and she showed us to our table.

The boys are children but they usually order from the grown ups menus, not out of greed, but because they prefer more flavour and less fried food. Children get a Horrible Histories sticker book to keep them busy, I thought it might have been a 6 page miniature book, but it was a proper one, I’d estimate a £4 to £5 value for similar at a newsagent or book store so it really is worth asking for. This kept Jen so busy he almost forgot that we were here for dinner!

horrible history

I think he was counting ice cubes at this point. Strange chap!

We don’t often go out for meals so we had a sharing starter which includes onion rings, calamari, garlic bread and more. I was trying to get Dee and Jen to eat the calamari by telling them it tastes like a grown up fish finger, they had a chat about it being octopus tentacles and refused to try it, their loss! I cleared the plate of that myself, Blokey got all the mushrooms though as the boys and I are not mushroom fans. It worked out rather well.

Table Table

Hot starters, but his face is in his book.

At Table Table they have some good promotional offers, such as kids eat free before 5pm on weekdays and 2 courses for £10.99 on weekdays after 6pm. The menu contains classics like sausage and mash or beef lasagne but I went for salmon Wellington – something I have not tried before. I was pleasantly surprised, and I’m a bit fussy with salmon – it has to be cooked well.

Salmon Wellington tastes nice

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The restaurant was welcoming, and warm but I wanted to straighten things all over the place, such as a very wonky lampshade and picture frames. I don’t like to be negative, I really don’t, but the photos my son Dee took are mainly where he zoomed in on things that were bugging him. He can get a bit obsessive, and I doubt all the customers notice such things. In the defence of the Oakwood it truly is an old original farmhouse building, these quirks would be probably seen as cottage-like charm by most. Sadly this leaves me with just a few images I took myself, sorry!


Ready to choose…

Blokey ordered a “double stacked steak burger” and it was yummy, rather a chunky size. If you were in polite company (rather than with family) you might need to dismantle this bad boy to get it in your mouth in a dignified manner. Or you could get jaw ache and eat it as it comes! Guess how he did it?
He is a steak lover, and described it as tasting like proper steak not the cheaper cuts of meat.

Outside the Oakwood

It was December so it was pitch black outside.

In conclusion I would visit again, good service, helpful service, useful allergy symbols on the menus and not a bad price for a proper restaurant. It is mainly locals there although it is a main road between Gloucester and Tewkesbury it is very much in the middle of no where. If you are escaping the city on a weekend break in Gloucestershire this gives you the countryside views on the journey there and it’s really not far away in a car.


Disclosure : We received a large discount to visit this restaurant. I am honest in my reviews. I don’t want to mention it BUT I am honest – we were given extremely dirty plates with the sharing starter (butter smeared on the bottom of one, top of another). Mistakes do happen everywhere and she said sorry about 4 times, it was fixed immediately. This was a slight negative but not a disaster, they handled it politely and professionally.

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