Off On a Short Break 3

On Monday partner, the kids and I are off to Hendra near Newquay in Cornwall. It was a cheapish holiday via the Sun newspaper £9.50 holidays offer. Of course it wasn’t £9.50 a person, more like £20 each but that’s still pretty good.

We are staying in a caravan, when we booked this we had no reason to suspect snow and high winds and flooding at this time of year.
Now I rarely watch the news on the telly box, but today I did and I’m a bit shocked. What on earth is going on with the Cornish weather? Eek!

For now though the holiday is still on, things could improve by Monday right? Pinkies crossed everyone.

These kind of cheap holidays can’t be re booked or anything unfortunately.

I’m still looking forwards to this, and even bought a new swimsuit. It’s a tankini really, but matches and appears to be a swimming costume. This was £12 in Primark, whereas the “Tall shops” on t’internet were around £45 for a slightly longer than average cossie. Hardly fair that! Sizeist or what?

Boats at sea

Anyways, I intend to try to face one of my phobias. I’ve had “issues” with large amounts of water, can get in shower, and can just about have a bath if I’m having a really positive day, but pools?
No! I last got in a pool in August I believe, and that wasn’t the most comfy experience either.

I’m not sure what the plans are yet for the rest of our break, but at least I’ve decided on the pool. That’s a start, telling myself I I will do this, I will.
Maybe a few meals out, maybe some county walks, and I predict a fair bit of Uno and MonopolyDeal card games. Have to eat some pasties whilst shivering on a harbour wall too, it’s the unwritten rule of a Cornish break.

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