Off On Our Hols 1

I am typing from the M5 – no one panic, I am not the driver!
We are off camping for a fortnight, and when we go camping it’s more like “glamping”.
We have our new Vango Airbeam With extension porch, and a “footprint” and carpets. This is not just a tent, it is bigger than our garden. We do not have a big garden, but still!
Best bits are it has inflatable tubes instead of fiddly fibre glass rods. The main structure is up in minutes as it has a powerful pump. It takes longer to peg in the guide ropes than put the tent up.

Last big camp we still had our Vango Sungari, which although it was a lovely tent for a family it was a nightmare to put put. It resulted in arguments every single time we set up camp. We decided last time that enough was enough, and we needed something more user friendly. I can also stand up in it, no stoopping as I walk about.

The Airbeam plus extension and carpet was over a thousand pounds. Yes, that is mighty pricey, but it is good! I see it like an investment on future holidays. Having had several bits of camping kit over the years Vango is the brand I trust most. We tried cheaper tents, and we were disappointed. The Vango Sungari was good but last year it got damaged in a rather nasty storm. It could have been repaired by a good seamstress, but that’s not me. It didn’t really let us down, we saw newer tents ripped down completely in those gales, at least ours was still standing, but looking sorry for itself.

Anyway. Enough tent love. We are off to River Dart Country park camp site. A river, small ponds, play parks, open spaces. And no tv! Yay. I like an hour or two of telly in the evenings, but the kids are obsessed by the idiot box. First thing they do in the mornings is run downstairs and turn on the moving picture thingamy box. I swear the unpaid babysitter is zapping IQ from them both, and my theory is backed up by the significant increase in them saying “Huh? Whaaaaat? In a bit?” and so on. It will be lovely that they can’t do this and have to learn to play again, not just veg out watching that flashy noisy contraption.

Instead of watching kids programs about playing outside they are going to actually have to go outside! We look like we are moving house, four bicycles on the roof and a trailer full with folding tables, plastic golf sets, camping gas cooker, footballs, the Sodastream and airbeds. I even included a small paddling pool – BBC mentioned a return of the heatwave.

I intend to have FUN.

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