One evil job application down…

It’s taken a few days, but thanks to lots of help from Hubby, for which I owe him “favours”, the Tesco job application is done.

I really do need a new job now, I’ve been trying hard to get a more suitable job or career for around 8 months, maybe more. It’s got to a stage where I’ve nothing to look forwards to, as even days off are overshadowed by the dread of going back to work the next day.

If I don’t find a job soon I am very tempted to ask my doctors to sicknote me, sign me off for depression. I’ve had depression for years, mostly ignored and untreated.
If they give me one of those questionaires about happiness I would fail, when did you last laugh? How often do you cry? Do you have friends? If you don’t know the questionaire consider yourself lucky. X

Would it be wrong to get signed off and then use that time (and financial improvement from not wasting half my wage on childcare) on learning to drive?

So many jobs that u could do I need a car for. In home carer for disabled people, you’d basically be a Paid companion to several disabled people but always states “must have own car” as many places are not accessible via public transport around here.

Or night shifts, happy to work night shifts but terrified to walk home alone in the dark, I live 7 mins walk from the bus stop. This fear wasn’t helped by my recent wildlife sighting!

A car a car, my sanity for a car?

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