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Today was pretty much the last straw. A child I’ll called Jamie (because it’s the only unisex name I can think of right now) follows my sons and I everywhere. It’s not just following, Jamie bosses us around, *do this, I want to do that, put my on the ride*.

Sounds ok, now imagine you’ve waited ten minutes for both swings to be empty because your youngest wants to “race mummy on the swings” and the second we sit down Jamie appears “my turn.” trying my very best to stay calm I say “My son and me are playing, please wait” so Jamie just asks again and again and a-flipping-gain! I have to walk away, we go to a different toy, a climbing wall. Guess what, yup! Jamie tries to push in and tells me “lift me up” so I suggest to my lad we do the zip wire, yes, the shadow follows and demands I put them on that too.

Then onto a roundabout, followed again. Just getting my youngest sat safely and Jamie screams “well push it then?!?!”
No way, I take my son and walk away immediately. I am NOT touching that child, nor pushing them on swings or lifting them on to climbing frames they can’t reach. Just no! I’m glad to say I never have, otherwise it could be argued I’ve encouraged Jamie’s clingyness…. But I’ve not.

This is every trip to the local park, and I’m seriously considering not going to that park anymore. The other park sadly is too far away for my youngest to walk to. This means I have to either keep being forced to babysit a child, or my sons lose outside play time! And I lose fun times with them, because this Jamie is left to run about alone. Please please please, let me play with my children in peace?

I would really love some ideas on getting Jamie away from us, because all I want to do now is rant at the parent. And that will not end well.
Do any of my lovely readers have experience of this? How did you make the shadow child leave you alone? Help!

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7 thoughts on “Other Parents Children At The Park

    • JulieRoo Post author

      I wouldn’t mind so much if this child wasn’t so rude and bossy. I swear they have been here without an adult in the past too. Lets just say infants age. Not a junior even, and feral. :-( I despair! I’m hardly a perfect parent but I really hope no one has ever been so fed up with mine as this kid is making us feel. My eldest HATES the kid, and snaps sarcastic replies at each bossy demand now, I tell him to try to ignore this kid, but its that annoying you just can’t stay calm after so much.

  • frazzled ma

    How annoying. I’m afraid I would be perfectly blunt – at any age. Say this is MY time to play with my child. I am not your mummy/daddy I can’t play with you. You need to find your grown up to play with you. If he/she doesn’t go, then take him or her by the hand, find their adult (even if you have to go to their house)explain the situation and say you can’t take care of an extra child in the park because of safety risks. Chuck in an unconfirmed rumour of stranger danger.
    I really hate it when parents just hoist their children onto someone else.
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  • pinkoddy

    I feel really different, but maybe because I’m not there, but I actually feel really sorry for this child. Where are Jamie’s parents? Why are they so DESPERATE for your attention. I hear you with not wanting to encourage it, and in this day and age you have to be careful about putting children on swings etc.

    Do they tend to go at a certain time? or can they see the park from their house?
    Maybe tell them you are playing hide-and-seek so they can go off and “hide” and you can get some time together.
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    • JulieRoo Post author

      I spoke to the school. The adult Jamie is with most of the time is a childminder. That worries me A LOT. I feel bad for the kid being ignored by the carer but Jamie is just so rude, so pushy, offers Jen a football to kick then runs off saying Jen has stolen it. Yesterday Jamie was there with the parent, and was semi supervised and much easier for everyone.
      I just wanted to tell the parent how ignored the kid is, whilst they are paying for supervision and care.