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The last few days I’ve been forcing the kids outside. They are not the outside sort sadly, but I don’t want to stay in when it’s so warm. That and I need my legs to work well for the skydive which is coming around really soon. I still would love some support on JustGiving.com/JulieMM please.

Sunday evening my lads and Blokey went to play “piggy in the middle” on the fields.


Jen and Blokey are wearing Minions t-shirts by George*, they almost match.


I love sitting in the fields with my dogs, they are so happy.



Before the walk home they went off lead for a short time and Doris is being so responsive to my commands, it was impressive. I said “Doris, Come” and she walked so close to me she stood on my foot a few times. Considering how nervous she was when we got her in January this is amazing. I thought I would never be able to walk her off the lead but yesterday I watched Doris, Freya, D and Jen play football. The boys boot it, the girls hunt it down and bring it back. Freya is cheeky however, she almost returns the ball, then zooms off wagging her tail as if saying fooled you.


Then yesterday I made them walk up Robinswood hill. Lovely place, but my word it’s steep. A sign at the top says 200 meters above sea level.


Whilst walking up some parts are long wild grass, some is neat lawns, whilst some is dark forest. In a forest section I saw something out of the corner of my eye, a rather large fox. I was shocked as you rarely see them so close and in daylight. Jen was scared and babbled on about foxes and wolves eating us all. I did tell him that wasn’t going to happen as it was one fox against three humans and two dogs.


At the top of the hill we were in honesty a bit sweaty, but I felt really unfit when I noticed an elderly chap walk passed. On the walk down he informed me he was 87! Not sweaty, out of breath or anything.

Today I told them let’s go to Gloucester city farm “it’s not far lads” – might have been a deliberate fib that but in my defence it was glorious sunshine outside and not to be wasted on the Xbox.


Jen was good at catching and holding hens, not a surprise as I ask him for help with our flock if one refuses to go to bed. D struggled a bit, he was a bit too sudden with his movements and the hens freaked out a little. After about half an hour he caught one, rather a sweet little one. I watched other kids attempting to stroke and catch the hens and they just couldn’t, they were all trying to be too fast and shouting at the birds.

Me I just walk over chatting softly bend down slowly and place one hand on the side of their wing (so they don’t whack me) and pick them up. One hen I’d witnessed being a bit mean to kids actually hugged me, rested her neck on mine with her head over my shoulder. That was lovely after Anneka’s passing this weekend. I ended up chatting to the staff for quite some time about chickens, one chap tried to talk me into having ducks – no chance. I’ll be getting another hen though, but not until after the holidays so I can help her settle in properly.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

* The Minions items and the Kallø rice cakes were sent to review.

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