Panasonic ES-ED90 epilator – Review 5

You might remember back in the summer I was invited to London to meet Panasonic? Yes? Good stuff, well as one of their “Brit Bloggers” I was sent a product to review, and it was a product I really wanted. It’s an epilator, but more than that because it is for use wet or dry and has different heads that change its use. It has a double headed epilator, and that has a “cap” you can put over to reduce the number of tweezers that can touch your body. There is a massive 48 tweezers if using it without that cap, so pop the cap on on the first try! It also has a narrower head meant for underarms and the bikini area, less ouchies in sensitive areas. The official Panasonic page is here – Panasonic ES-ED90.


In my shower.

The bit I love best is the foot care attachment. I was about to buy a stand-alone electric foot file, so I was very pleased that this has a file, I have mega bad feet, and nope I don’t want to photo them, sorry but it would give you nightmares anyway. And finally, of course, there is a shaver head. The shaver head can be used with a special attachment “bikini comb” for trimming ones *ahem*  lady garden if you so wish. Sorry any male readers reading this!


Wet or dry!

It is wireless, you pop it on a lead just to charge up. The charge time is 1 hour, and according to the instructions and on box information this should last 30 minutes on full power or 40 minutes on the gentle setting. I disagree, it lasted longer for me so I am impressed.
It comes with a plain looking white fabric drawstring bag to pop it all in, so it is very discrete looking.

My opinions, love the main epilator head, I use it mainly I the shower only moving it to charge it or use as a foot file. I can vouch for it all doing what it should, except the bikini comb which I haven’t used. The shaver and epilator were used by me when on camping holiday for a fortnight. It is not overly loud in my opinion, and Freya the dog was not frightened by the sound level – She freaked out when I used my old epilator, and also when I get out the hair clippers to do Blokey’s haircut.

A feature I had thought pointless originally was the LED light that shines on your skin as you preen yourself. This is actually very clever, it really highlights the odd little missed hairs. What don’t I like? Nothing really, just the colour. Can you make a purple or blue one please Panasonic? Also can it have a catchier name?

If you like this, it is available to buy at Boots and costs £129.99. Or there is a version that does not have the bikini and underarm elipator head, nor the foot file, but it is a much lower RRP of £89.99 (currently on offer at £59.99).

Tried and Tested - the review linky.


Disclosure : I received this product free of charge to try it out and review. My opinions here remain honest.

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