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Today it’s raining on camp and my sons are in the back of the car (because it’s quieter than a tent in rain I suppose) reading books nicely. It’s a cute little scene but somewhat dominated by the weather.


The books they are reading are “Things you never knew about dinosaurs” by Giles Paley-Phillips and “Goodnight little one” by Margaret Wise Brown.


Things you never knew about dinosaurs.
Both D and Jen found the dinosaur book funny. It mentions dinosaurs trampolining and disco’ing and rollerskating and all kinds of daft things.


It implies dinosaurs never became extinct, that they just hid! It might sound like a weak storyline but honestly it’s rather good and funny. I can’t tell you much of the story as it would ruin the punchline of the last pages I’m afraid. The style is quirky, fun and bright. The font is clear but wavey and wonky in places to enhance the story. At home D (age 11) reads this to Jen (5) in bed.

Goodnight little one.
The style of this book is very different. The paintings are not comical, they are detailed and delightful. It appears to have been painted on to canvas and the brushstrokes add life to the animals fur.


The book has few words which means it suits Jen as he can read it himself. The storyline is basic, but sweet. You see various animals playing in half light of the evening then on the following page it shows that animal fast asleep – it flows like soothing poetry before asking the child to sleep too.

I love this book, and it’s paperback, which I think are more comfortable to hold. It is priced at £5.99 on the back cover which I think is rather a normal price on books, although I tend to spend £3 or less on books this one is worth the extra.


And now, after a story, some rain and a drive Jen is fast asleep in the back seat.

D prefers the Dinosaur book, while Jen prefers Goodnight.


Parragon gave us the books for purposes of this post. No payment was made, and words are my honest opinions. 
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