Patch the Tree Destroyer 2

Yesterday I planted the trees I bought from GardeningExpress via Groupon.

Partner and me planted them… This means I did the prep work and tidyed the old veggie bed up. As I turned the soil my chickens were going mad searching for worms to eat. It made it hard as I was worried I would hit one of my girls with the shovel. Silly chicks!

Trees bundled together and my tools

Here are my tools. Shears to lop bits off of the existing red currant bush to give my trees some space, a dirty well used old spade, plant food and my trees with roots soaking in a bucket. I also had a few grow bags to fill the holes around the roots so they could get a better start.

All seemed ok. I put some foam around the lower trunk of each tree as I have pets.

Here are four of the five fruit trees, the cherry went in my front garden.
Looking good if you imagine low level flowers and mid level bushes like raspberry and gooseberry and then my trees at the highest level.

I know all you see is a few sticks in some messy mud, but I see a potential fruit orchard with a carpet of mixed flowers.

Sadly when I woke up Patch had decided to chew at my poor trees! I was not impressed. One of them looks very touch and go if it will survive…. And this was within its first 24hours in the ground!

This is The Accused

With his Side Kicks

They don’t look very naughty but these are semi professional garden destroyers!

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2 thoughts on “Patch the Tree Destroyer

  • brinkofbedlam

    Little vandals! My dad once put in a load of Rosa Rugosa (like very spiky rose bushes) and he used a fertilizer made of blood and bone (nice!). Our dog dug up loads of them so she could eat the fertilizer, very naughty. My dad was blazing mad. I’m so envious of you having chickens, one day I’m definitely getting some too. :O) Hope your fruit trees survive. x