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Freya Woof has an early Christmas gift – an adorable collar and lead set from pet London. It has a flashing tag and a clear plastic clip (buckle) on the collar. At night, or in bad weather, the light from the flashy tag gets reflected/amplified by the clear plastic clip so it seems more visible.

By day this is just a cute matching set, but at night its a smart safety feature.


My girlie doesn't like standing still on walkies for photos!

This is much prettier than the hi-viz I often take her out wearing for evening walks. There are no reflective bits, but for 4 tiny blinky lights this is bright.


The lead and collar are good quality, well stitched webbing with a sweet bone pattern sewn on one side. The clip at the end of the lead is solid metal and feels sturdy enough. It’s subtly decorated as the bones and the background are almost the same colours which means it’s hard to see in my photos, but I promise its a bone pattern. Also on both the collar and lead there is a small fabric label saying Pet London which I think looks lovely. It adds a designer-ish feel to the set.

The only thing I’m not keen on is that the back of the flashing charm isn’t so pretty, with the electronics and soldering visible but this also makes the battery replaceable. The lights do actually shine through to the back of this charm, so it should be visible from both sides.


The hound is on my bed, again! This shows the back pretty well.

I am impressed with Pet London’s customer service, it arrived fast, undamaged and well packaged.


Do you get your woof a gift at Christmas?

These are priced at £19.99 and are available online at Pet London . We give it an 8 out of 10. It’s lovely and strong, sensible and stylish. If I saw this for sale I would likely have bought it.

Short video showing the flashy tag. Sound is bad, was school run walkies.

We were sent this item to review. My thoughts are my own.

I received something nice free in return for this honest post.

I received a free product in return for this honest post. My opinions are not affected.

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