Dog tags and the law 2

Did you know dogs in public places are required to wear a tag with certain details by law? You can actually get a £5000 fine for not having your pooch tagged in public.

tag close up

Freya’s old dog tags looked lovely but the engraving almost faded off. I know that sounds bizarre, but there were so many scratches that the surface engraving was unreadable. So it was perfect timing that Collars and Tags* got in touch and asked if she wanted to have a new tag* on them.

The rules say the dog must wear a collar with a tag (or collar plate) inscribed with the owners name and address, the phone number is advisable. A lot of people now believe that you do not need a tag if your dog has an up to date microchip, but that isn’t true. Having a good tag and a microchip is the best advice. You can get your dog microchiped for free in England and Wales thanks to the Dogs Trust so if your best friend isn’t chipped look in to this.

The dog tag collars and tags* sent us is genuinely great. It isn’t just etched, it has deeper than normal engraving which has then been filled with black enamel so the writing is very clear. There are no imperfections, no smudges or typos. My details won’t just rub off like the tags I had from ebay and local shops in the past. It is better quality than I expected, which is always nice.

They also sent Freya a new brush* to help her stay gorgeous and a Kong toy* that helps clean her teeth – so she can look wonderful in her new tag. The Kong dental stick got some wagging and playfulness, until I added her dog toothpaste. Luckily you can dishwasher most Kong toys so the kitchen will be smelling minty fresh. This useful toy costs £5.74.

The brush* is from the Ergo range by Ancol, which is a good brand – the collar Freya is wearing is by Ancol, and it really is strong. This is a double sided brush, a soft (but firm) bristle side for Freya’s shorter fur on her body and head, whilst the metal paddle brush side is good for her long ears and the feathering on her legs and tail. To buy the two brushes separately (based on prices online at time of publishing) would be £10.39. The combined brush is therefore a bargain at £6.68 – I can only use one at a time anyway. Freya isn’t keen on being brushed, and hates being combed. She has been known to bite when being brushed and will always get stroppy over being flea combed. She’s been brushed three times with the Ergo so far and there are no teeth marks in it. Yet!


Despite the name, collars and tags sell more than just tags, why not go have a browse.

Disclosure : Collars and tags sent us an engraved tag, the brush and a Kong to help with this post. The words are my own, and are honest.

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