PetShopBowl – a review 5

Pet Shop Bowl recently sent me a parcel for the fluffy residents of my home.


For the little critters (Bart, Mo, and Patch the rabbits, and Harry the guinea pig.)

Hay – All little herbivore rodents should have hay. My Patch is a strange old guy and prefers to eats paper and straw, he doesn’t like hay. But then we all know a child that will not eat green vegetables. Patch is jolly old though at 10 or 11 years old now, I wouldn’t recommend paper and straw as a diet, but it’s not stunted his life expectancy. When we bought Patch we were told his breed of bunnies live around 6 years, hmmmmmm.


Mo. That is a happy face, honest!

Gnaw sticks – Rodenty critters have huge front teeth and they need things to chew to keep those teeth worn down to the correct length, wonky or overgrown teeth can cost you a small fortune to fix at the vets. I once had a bunny that fell face first in to concrete and broke her teeth, so I am speaking from experience here, bunny dental work is Expensive.

For my bigger critter (Freya the Saluki dog.)

Almo daily menu – When I first saw these I was pulling that confused face where I look like I am waiting to sneeze or something. “Dog food, in an apple juice style cartoon? Are you joking?” After I’d got over the fact it was a very strange packaging idea, I liked them. They stack better in the cupboards, and do not waste space in-between like tins do. Cartons also weigh less than tins, so are ace for an online delivery pet shop like Pet Shop Bowl – I am impressed.


Almo dog munch.

More importantly Freya ate it, and she can be one fussy pup. I do not like the smell of the salmon variety, but she cleared her food bowl so it must have tasted ok to her. There is no way I am trying it out myself, so please no one ask.


Freya with her face in the Almo pet food.


She licked the bowl.

Kong medium – Freya already has a large Kong, but this one is a bit smaller so she can nudge it under the edge of the sofa to save it for later. She still has a dogs home mentality about some things, hiding things she thinks other woofers might steal, even though this is a one dog household.

Lilly’s bedtime biscuits – A lovely idea these. Bedtime biscuits for you fluffy children. It is the doggie equivalent of a glass of warm milk or hot chocolate at bedtime.

Thank you from my fluffies. It’s a big paws up here.

Disclosure: I received some free products for the pets in return for writing my honest opinions.

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