Photograph magnets, Little memories

Today I got a lovely bit of mail from PicStick I just could not wait to open.

PicStick magnets

Lovely mail

You choose 9 photos and they post them to you as a sheet that is precut into 9 rectangles but just about in one piece to post.
I take so many photographs but in this digital age never remember to print them.


Easy to separate, and no damage

The pictures are from various devices, a basic digital camera, a brilliant DSLR, and camera phones.
These memories are me skydiving, the boys on holiday, Freya playing, a rare whole family photo featuring 14 people, and an old photo of my sons kissing.

I can’t zoom in on the extended family one as that is a bit unfair on them, but I can take this as an excuse for a close up of the pup.

my hound

"Gimme that stick huMum!"

Freya was frightened of sticks, she thought she would be beaten if anything like a stick, cooking spoon, broom/mop handle or pool cue was near her. It’s great she will now occasionally play with sticks! In the top one you can see how happy and playful she is. The second one hasn’t got her face so other people might have deleted it as a bad shot, but I can feel the body language. It’s her ears, they are so expressive, and that expression is interested and happy. You can she her fur, even the stray bed head bit above her left ear. The fact it’s imperfect makes it wonderful, please pup never change.

The quality of the magnet is good, and it holds to-do-lists up on the fridge fine. The image clarity is good, I only have one comment about my sheet of photos that the colours were not as vibrant as I expected. They are a good match, but not a perfect colour match, almost like everything has a teeny tiny hint of sepia to it. That is the only thing I could find that wasn’t perfect.

I only ordered these very late on Wednesday night, and they were on my door mat Friday lunch time. Very impressive that.

I think these PicStick magnets would be great in Christmas cards to family you don’t get to see very often. If you did want any they are £9.50 or $14.99 for a sheet of 9 magnets which includes postage anywhere in the world. You can get 25% discount by using NOTE25 at the checkout which makes it £7.13 or $11.25.

handfull of photos

Thumbs up

Disclosure : These magnets were sent to me without charge to give you all my honest opinions in the review.

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