Project #BodyUNashamed 2

In the media recently (well always actually) there seems to be a lot of “body shaming” going on. Oh no have you seen such and such still has a baby tummy and she’s got a two month old baby? Oh no have you seen so and so’s selfie on the internet, they had two chins?

That kind of thing. Well it’s not nice, not big and not clever. Penny from Lillies and Love blog tweeted for support for a campaign against this sort of thing. She is calling it #BodyUNashamed. Can you see three things beautiful in yourself? Gemma from Sunshine blog found three things to say about me and I’ve been asked to write about Sara.

Hi Sara! Sara writes at This Girl Loves blog and is @ThisGirlLoves_ on twitter.


Photo from ThisGirlLoves

1: You have an amazing smile, and your bubbly attitude can be seen in your eyes.
2: Cool dress sense. Not out-there wacky but you will notice her.
3: Having looked through your blog I was sure I had meet you and yup, t’was at Birmingham blog camp. You came over as confident and wise.

1: I like my eyes.
2: I am a bit unique, I always get recognised.
3: I have very long legs.

Want to join in?

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