Retail Royalty Challenge – Helping Charity for Free 4

When I read that MoneySuperMarket wanted to give bloggers £30 to spend on a local charity, I jumped at the chance.

The idea is us bloggers get a budget of £30 (given to us by MoneySuperMarket for this challenge) but we have to try to buy more than £30’s worth of gifts or items that your local charity would like. Maximum benefit of the cash if you like! They’ve called this the #RetailRoyaltyChallenge and the winner gets a massive Harrods hamper, which I wouldn’t mind but to help a charity for free, I already feel like a winner.


I decided that I wanted to help Cheltenham Animal Shelter (I’m abbreviating to CAS), you might have noticed I do love my pets, all six of them! I had a look around the Cheltenham Animal Shelter website : and discovered they had an Amazon Wishlist so had a look through at what I might be able to get at better prices. I noticed some things on there I hadn’t considered buying, washing up products, but apparently they have to wash up over a hundred food bowls every day – Crickey! I also noticed that most of the list was food, with very few toys. I understand food is essential, and toys are secondary but I’ve gone with lots and lots of toys, and some edible treats (the chew sticks that used to take my old dog hours to eat), and finished up the £30 with tinned food. CAS collect food donations in a few places, so I figure they’ll get fed, but a new toy for each doggy and moggy could really get some tails wagging.


Before I went out to town I had compared prices on ‘tinterweb and decided most things were cheaper in Wilko, and that I wanted to check the pound-shops and charity shops too. I also went in to a couple of little shops, and an independent pet shop today. I was in pets at home yesterday, but there were no amazing deals on toys. From experience, they are the best known pet place but you’ll pay more for the convenience of it being all in one place.


A fully laden bike, so glad my partner didn’t see me cycle this loaded up, he’d have nagged me about safety!


The best bargain was in PDSA charity shop. Pull Rope toys reduced to 50p each, so I cleaned them out. This is double karma, money to PDSA, and pressie to CAS. They were on the wish list, in a different colour. Deal!


A selection of toys from wilkos. I love the jingle-dumb-bell (Top right of photo) as my own bunnies play with it, running around with it. Sadly there was only one left, otherwise I’d have bought more. These are £1.25 and similar in Pets At Home are about £3!


This might look boring, but it was on their list. I bought a 20 pack of sponges as a much better “each” price when you buy huge. Also notice the “extra free” labels on the soap.


Hundreds of chewy sticks, and a bag of biscuits.


squeaky fun

From B&M you can get a two pack of squeaky bone toys for 99p. This beats pound shops as the quality of these is significantly better, even though it costs the same.

din dins

Dinner time. 2 for 80p in B&M. You can get cheaper brands of food, but Pal was one of the items on the wishlist. The thing is there IS a difference between a bargain or a good deal, and cheap tat. As some of these pets are abandoned strays they do not want “value” ranges, but something a bit better.

Gift pile

Here is a photo of most of the shopping haul on my kitchen floor. It’s heavy! The black spider cat toys are a brilliant deal, found on the reduced shelf at wilkos. 20p each, so I bought all five that were there.


Colourful toys. I hope the dogs, cats and bunnies love them!!


Close or what??
£3.00 +
£19.42 +
£7.77 =


This is my entry for Retail royalty challenge, from MoneySuperMarket. #EPIC

Now the hardest part, to take these goodies to CAS without bringing a new friend home. Honestly I can leave the cats and dogs, but if a homeless bunny makes eye contact I might crumble. *Note to self – No More Rodents*

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