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PLEASE NOTE, cubby kit have sadly gone out of business, so these links may not work, but I am leaving it here as it was a lovely idea, and I love the photos.

Recently the postman knocked with a rather large cardboard box, with pale blue printing on it to look like an old fashioned suitcase. He never gets things arrive addressed to him, so was a treat!

Suitcase design on box (Jen had chicken pox in photos, sorry)

The quality of the items in CubbyKits are really good, I was really impressed to find pencils and child scissors included…. often “complete” craft kits don’t have things like glue or child sized scissors, assuming every parent already has those, well I didn’t! So thanks muchly for those scissors, better than the ones his big brothers school use for sure. Some items in each kit could be kept after the CubbyKit is finished.

Some of the Contents


The instructions are pretty clear too, even for a non reader like Jen because of the pictures. I suggest it might need to be more basic English though in this age range, as I was having to read then put it back into words Jen could follow. Obviously he would need help as he is 3 and a half but an older child would happily do this alone.

I could see my older son D, aged 9 (so above the recommend age group for this Cubby Kit) taking this box somewhere quiet and not coming back out for some time. I would have adored this myself as a child.

Each activity is in its own paper bag

As I understand it, a Cubby Kit is sent out every month to the children whose parents have paid (£20 a kit or £200 a year) and registered, this kit supplied free for us to review, was addressed directly to Jen not us, which Jen noticed and thought was good. He can’t “read” yet, but he certainly recognises his own name. Nice touch, well done!

Whilst it is a very well thought out idea the cost does need to come down a bit, it is ok for an only child but I’d be looking at £40 to buy one each, Eek! Maybe as the company gets bigger then the prices might be able to reduce as honestly honestly the price is all that’s stopping me joining up right now.

The boys have now had a play and made their artwork. For both children the rocket picture was fun, but Jen, the “correct” aged child for the kit was unable to do the star map kit. It required too much pen control, and most 3 year olds can’t write yet. All he could do was cover it in glitter glue afterwards.

He’s concentrating…
Happy face

Now onto the “Star map” kit, this was the one 3 year old Jen struggled with, but 9 year old D really liked.

D in a bit of a mess. 😛
Grinning at the stars

I think its a brilliant concept! Did I mention I love it? 😉

Pointing to show his artwork off…..

We did have an issue though, when the first kit arrived the glue had leaked everywhere. This is my only real complaint though, No matter, as Cubby Kit posted out a new set VERY fast, demonstrating brilliant customer service. The glue pot is something I’m sure will get fixed now I’ve highlighted this issue, maybe screw topped glue tubs from now on. On the upside this meant that my older son D also got to play, but with kit covered in glue. Will include his photos too!

I was sent a sample Cubby Kit free to review. I have not been paid for this writing at all, opinions are my own.

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4 thoughts on “Review for Cubby Kit. Complete boxed up craft projects.

  • CubbyKit

    Hello Julie,
    Thank you for the lovely review. Was good to see that both your sons had the chance to get involved.

    In regards to the glue pots, we have secured these more so they will be safer during transport and are looking into alternative packaging for the future too.

    We are also looking into creating an additional package so both siblings can get involved without having to buy a whole extra box.

    It is really great to get the chance to see Jenson trying out the different activities too. :)


  • Unknown

    Sorry to hear Jenson has chicken pox, but he seemed to really enjoy the crafts. I like that everything comes very organized in the different bags and that they include materials you get to keep for later. If you do have more than one child it is pricey to order multiple boxes, perhaps they might offer some sort of deal on subsequent boxes.


  • Rosy

    I like the fact that the boxes come with scissors, glue, gel pens etc (many of which you can reuse for other activities). CubbyKit’s emphasis on educational content should also be lauded. Thanks for sharing!