Review of ToucanBox 4

This week Jen and I have been fiddling about with expertly crafting from a ToucanBox taster box.
These are little craft or project kits that come with (almost) everything you’ll need to do a set activity. We got sent this taster kit, also known as the petite. There are 3 size options available, and on the grande and super you can request extra materials so siblings can share.


Screenshot from ToucanBox

I think this is a fab idea really. I am someone who struggles to choose craft or activity items in the shops. I sort of stare at the shelf hoping that one or two of the sets will just hop into my basket so I don’t have to choose. Sometimes this is made easier by price labels as I love the bargains.

Anyway, I’m going off topic slightly, as normal.
The prices start a £3.95 + 98p postage each fortnight, approx a tenner a month. I think this is probably better than buying a couple of magazines a month at the corner shop. Seriously, have you seen the prices on kids mags these days?

The instructions were clear and not too long or fussy. I say almost everything included as we needed a beaker of water, and some scissors. But in honesty Jen preferred ripping not cutting the paper.
Basically this kit was to make a small but funky, colourful bag, with seasonal themed drawings on it, and season “bingo” cards inside.


Jen likes the idea of a letterbox friendly craft kit on a rainy evening.

The first bit is cut shapes from the tissue paper, and lay them on a water resistant sheet and squash a small canvas shopper bag onto the wet papers to suck the colours from the paper patterns on to your cloth bag. When you’ve pressed a pattern on to both sides you leave the inky and slightly wet bag to dry out.


Snip snip


Painting water on to the paper to make the dye run.


This went a bit wrong....


.. So we stuffed the paper inside the bag and added more water.

Part two the next day was more fun, and we felt this went well. Pop out the cardboard shapes to make stencils and colour the shapes in with felt tips. Cue Jen concentrating and doing that thing kids do when they focus, with his tongue sticking out to one side.


Day two.... Stencil on to the dry bag. We are better at this!

Step three, which we’ve not yet done, is seasons bingo. Four cards, with things you’d expect to find in that season. The idea is go for a walk and tick off the things you find.


Do you like it?

If you think your littleys might like this, but aren’t sure, you can get a Free box using the code TOUCAN at

Disclosure: we were sent this kit for free for our review, and our thoughts are entirely our own. All photos by Me, except that lovely screenshot which is by ToucanBox.

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