Hungry To Happy, Richmond Meatballs 6

Britmums asked it’s parents bloggers to come up with a no fuss, quick meal using Richmond Meatballs. I love little challenges, but what really got my attention was the chance to win a Center Parcs holiday. I would love to go there, so here goes!

My youngest is a fussy eater and one of the few things he will eat is meatballs. He loves the cheap tinned ones, but the phrase “recovered meat” makes me very uncomfortable cooking those for him. But when all he really wants is breakfast cereals, chocolate spread sarnies, or meatballs, what do you do! I do whatever I can to sneak vegetables in to his diet, and it is not always easy.

My idea, Bull’s Eye Meatballs.

Prep time, almost none! Bung on the oven at 180 and allow to warm up, at the same time, put on a large saucepan of water to start boiling. This took around 5 minutes (time for a cuppa I would suggest!)

Cooking instructions, no hassle. As soon as the water is bubbling throw in some frozen vegetables and the dry pasta. Our pasta says 12 minute cook on the label, but I think that’s including time to warm the water as it takes about 9 really. Get some shop bought pasta sauce and put some (or all if doing this for the adults too) and microwave  for 2 minutes or warm in a pan. When the oven temperature light goes out to say it is hot enough, put the meatballs in and put the timer to 10 minutes. (Time to enjoy that cuppa.)

This will be long enough for everything to cook, as well as cheaper and faster than a pizza delivery.

BEEP BEEEP BEEP – When the oven timer calls you back just switch everything off. arrange the drained pasta and vegetables in an outer ring, then make a circle blob of sauce in the middle, and carefully place the meatballs in a circle right in the middle. This arranging took 1 minute, so I make that 16 minutes in totally, which is still faster than an oven cooked pizza!


Ready to go


All laid out on the tray


I pop some frozen veg in to the pan


Then bung some pasta in with the vegetables

quick to cook

Just 10 minutes on the clock, and bung them in t’oven.


All pretty, Meatballs, sauce, veg and pasta. A quick, balanced meal I think.


Close up

I’m pleased to say Jen did eat it, after a bit of a cry that it wasn’t his beloved tinned nonsense, he realised these were nicer and he enjoys food being in patterns or shapes, so it’s a winner.

This post is an entry for BritMums’ Hungry to Happy Challenge sponsored by Richmond Mini Meatballs.


I was given a voucher to buy the meatballs for free, but never used it.

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