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Our lovely Freya woof was smelling a little funky, so when I saw Scruffy Chops wanted dog owner bloggers to review their range I put up Freya’s paw as a volunteer.

Before I even opened the products up to sniff I liked the packaging. It’s those plastic bag type bottles that use a fraction of the plastic of normal bottles. The top flips open nicely, even with wet hands, and the bag-like bottle makes it easy to squeeze out a big dollop of shampoo or a delicate slowly dribbled line from head to tail if your hound prefers.
I was tempted to use the conditioner myself, smells ace. I haven’t by the way…. So no jokes please. :-p

The shampoo is “Sugar Doggy” and is £5.99 and the conditioner is called “Muddy Marvelous” which costs £6.99.


Wet towel and dog fluff

Now photoing a slippery wet dog is tricky, but even more tricky as her fur turned black when wet. Therefore my photos are a bit lame.


Sniff sniff. Freya gets nosey


All wet ready to wash


The shampoo bubbles but lots of smaller bubbles, not as foamy as i was expecting.


Rinsing time.


Ok... We are done? Lemme out!!


Drying herself


The classic Dumbo ears "wet doggy" shake


Now I've cleaned up the dog the bath wants a clean!

I love how she felt afterwards. I loved how well it rinsed out. I love that she smells like biscuits (she does!) I like how well behaved she was. Best thing in my opinion is that she feels softer and has stopped scratching… If you ever met Freya you would know that is pretty amazing. Her doggy dandruff has also reduced.
I shall be washing Freya again soon. Regular baths for this pooch from now on! It is expensive but it’s great. It’s like womens shampoo, if you pay more you can normally feel and smell the difference. I think most pet shampoos are rather Minging scents – not SC’s though.
10 out of 10!!


Scruffy Chops even sent a freepost postcard for easy feed back, which I thought was a great touch.

Here’s what Scruffy Chops say on the website….

Hello, we’re ScruffyChops dog shampoo and we would like to introduce you to our exciting new natural mineral range of dog shampoos for your little tail chasers with some of the greatest natural and organic skin and hair care ingredients known to man and dog. With an impressive line-up of skin care ingredients found in all our dog shampoos including Dead Sea minerals, oatmeal, aloe vera, Pro vitamin B5, vitamin E and mouth-watering allergen free fragrances like rhubarb & custard it means ScruffyChops loves your dog almost us much as you do!

All our products are created to focus on looking after your dog’s skin and can help to soothe dryness and itching.

• Natural Ingredients • Certified organic ingredients • pH balanced for dogs • Dead Sea Minerals • Oatmeal • Aloe Vera • Vitamin E • Pro vitamin B5 • Sulfate free formula • Reduced plastic packaging • Cruelty free & much more…

You can buy online in the UK at or in the US via ScruffyChops Amazon page.

I have bathed and showered Freya 5 times, and we still like it. 😉

Disclosure – I received these scruffy chops products for free for agreeing to review on my blog.

I received something nice free in return for this honest post.

I received a free product in return for this honest post. My opinions are not affected.

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