Sleeveless dresses in Winter? No problem with Wingz * 3


About a week ago something cool came in the post, Wingz. Nope it isn’t a ladies hygiene product or a travel company. Wingz are sleeves without tops, a pair of sleeves you pop on under a dress or top that is short sleeved or sleeveless. The sleeves themselves come in a few options from plain black or white jersery, delicate chiffon, lace or wild prints.


A selfie wearing Wingz.

If you are like me you dress according to mood and not seasons. I don’t have different “wardrobes” or store my Summer things away until after Spring. If I like it, I wear it. This is why I’ve decided I love Wingz – rather than shivering stubbornly and refusing to get changed I can wear these genius little things under my dresses. Why did I not know about these sooner! My problem now is knowing the words to use, is it a pair of Wingz, like with trousers, or perhaps a set, or is it not a plural at all? I’m going with pairs though as A Wingz just sounds wrong to me.


Photo taken by my Blokey.

Once you get past how to say it you will quite possibly want to buy a few more pairs. I have been kindly sent Wingz in pale grey* and darker grey* chiffon, both of which are priced at £15.99. Of course black or white are going to be the most popular, I decided to go for something a bit different. Greys will blend in as well as black or white with most outfits whether bright or not. I avoided the patterned options just because I have a lot of patterns in my wardrobe already and I don’t have to worry about clashing patterns making others sea sick.

I’m not just saying this to make Wingz happy (I would tell you if I didn’t like them) but I am going to buy these ones in white lace next time I’ve got some spare cash. What can I say, it’s January… my purse is all receipts and no dosh.

If you are thinking “hmmmm, £16 for just some sleeves not even a top, they saw you coming love” think again. If you choose colours or styles that match the clothes you already have you’ve just increased your wardrobe. A beach dress quickly can become an evening dress with Wingz and tights -“Beach to Bar” as shops might say. This is the best thing you’ll ever pack on a hand luggage only holiday. I’ve even shoved the Wingz I have in my handbag in case the gloriously unpredictable British weather changes it’s mind half way through the day – just nip in to a toilet and pop them on – Ta Dah! Stylishly less cold. Better than a cardigan as you’re not hiding that favourite top or dress.

The important bit, they are machine washable. Gimme. All. The. Wingz. Already. Are you reading this Santa my dear Blokey?


So how do Wingz work?


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I didn't have the guts to be photographed without a top to show you.

Disclosure : Wingz gifted me the grey products as above for the purpose of this review but my words reflect my honest opinions. I have not been paid to write this. Photography by my son Dee. 

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