Space or Sea? Who gets the better signal?

As I grew up in Cornwall massive Satellite dishes such as at Goonhilly, and miles of cabling such as Porthcurno were not an unusual sight to me. Living near plenty of fishermen I heard about the patchy Ship-to-shore phones all the time. Some of the lads loved it, being out of reach or at least pretending to be if the wife phoned up for a chat. I’ve never chatted to an astronaut in person about communication in space though.

So who do you think is better connected?


So it seems the further in to the boat you go the harder it is for phone and internet signals to get to you. Standing on the bridge or on deck is your best bet.


I remember when we went to France via Dover there was free WiFi at the port for the general public and sailors. Whereas I’ve come across many towns with a dock or port where the WiFi is restricted to sailors only.


Ahh, good old Twitter. I still think Cmd Chris Hadfield was the best astronaut at using the web. Lets face it, he owned the internet for quite some time with his Bowie cover, Space Oddity.


There you have it, you’re better off in space. I’m not really sure I would cope with either, but if I had to choose it would be space. I think a lack of gravity is way better than the constant rocking and swaying that you get on the deeper ocean.
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Disclosure : this post is in collaboration with Global Navigation Solutions and Techtage*. The infographic is also available here if you’d like to view it without my words, maybe useful for a home educating family or school teachers to use in lessons.

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