Spiders 3

There has been a lot of stories in the media recently about false widow spiders. Sadly I’ve found them at home.

Last week I vacuumed in hard to reach places, behind furniture, in the gaps next to furniture, the vents of the windows and along ceiling coving. Since then I’ve been seeing more spiders. They are fast, and have white markings on black, almost shiny bodies.



Turns out its tricky to photo spiders. They move!


See the pattern on its back?

The news reports mention “hammock like webs” rather than classic spiders webs.

I found the webs under the boiler, next to the washing machine.


I turned the flash up, and although it's messed up the colour it shows the web better.

I am a little worried, I am living with potentially deadly spiders. For now my vacuum is over worked as I hope to suck up webs and unseen insects.

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