Spring cleaning tips 5

1. Clean the washing machine. A dirty machine won’t wash clothes – sounds too obvious right? 
I challenge you, pull out the soap draw and look at the bottom. I bet it’s covered in a mixture of old squiddey soap scum and mould. All the clean water goes into the machine via that – eww!  

Get the soap draw into the sink for a scrub. Then once that’s clean put it back and put the machine on a hot programme without laundry in.  It’s best to use something like a few Calgon tablets, or a bottle of white vinegar instead of more laundry soap. Heck, sometimes I just use bleach. It will need a good rinse but if you can reduce the spin speed you might as well as it will only need a basic drain not a super fast spin as there won’t be fabrics in there. 

2. Now your washer is clean start washing things you rarely clean like curtains and removable sofa covers. Dry as much as you can in the fresh air.  Sunlight can help get rid of stains. The great thing about better weather is I can just hang the curtains straight back in the windows to dry.

3. Declutter.  If you’ve not used something in ages take it to the charity shops or put it in the recycling. I only bin as a last resort so use Freecycle a lot. Or if you think it’s worth it, get it on eBay.

4. To remove limescale from bathroom taps you don’t need strong chemicals… just a nit comb and a cloth. Stroke the comb across the taps flat to them,  the action of the prongs cleans the scale off, kind of flicking it away. Don’t be tempted to hold it at a right angle to the surface as it might scratch. (I’m not promising the way I do this doesn’t scratch but I’ve been doing it several years without a single scratch.) Just wipe away the limescale crumbs with that cloth.

5. If you’re anything like me you never clean the windows. Grab a kitchen scrubbing brush and shift mankey mouldy bits in the edges of the frame and seals. Dry it with an eCloth glass polisher and it practically cleans itself. Once a year is enough, I mean the rain cleans the outside.

6. The oven. Oh my Gawd. I am not cleaning that. Remove the shelves and dishwasher them, yes, I did say that! Spray something strong in there (like Mr Muscles oven foam) and go out for lunch. Wipe clean with a soaking wet cloth to wash away the chemicals. Reward yourself for doing the worse job in the house, may I suggest cake?

7. The floor. Okay I quit… someone buy me a Roomba robotic vacuum please.

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5 thoughts on “Spring cleaning tips

  • Iwona

    This is so true about the washing machine! I actually like cleaning my windows – it make me feel calm for some reason…I’m a weirdo, I know:) xx

  • Norma

    These are very nice ideas! I very often forget to clean the sofa covers or the washing machine and usually skip the traditional spring cleaning and leave it for another time because simply I can’t afford to spend so much time for cleaning as I am very busy with managing my own business and don’t have too much time to spend at home. Thank you for the post! Now I have few days free and I will clean my home thoroughly!

  • Eloise Blake

    I definitely need to get my washing machine cleaned as soon as possible! I haven’t done it for a while, and it is so important in order to keep the clothes clean and away of bacteria. Thanks for sharing this cleaning solutions!