Stop horsing around!?

I don’t know about everyone else but I’m fed up about hearing about horse meat.
Seems like there is horse in everything in our freezers these days.

I prefer whole chunks of meat, where you can tell its all from one animal. That said we do buy some processed items like sausages and occasional burgers.

Like most families we’ve probably eaten horse. That doesn’t bother me too much, horse is safe to eat and horses are clean animals.

I would buy horse meat deliberatly, but what nags at me (sorry) is that I don’t know what meat is in what foods anymore. I am grateful that the scandal is about horse rather than say, road kill or wild rats! I just want the labels to be honest, if something is half beef half horse I’d like it to say so I can decide myself.

Seriously, why not eat horse? Most of us have already, it just did not say horse on the packing. There are a lot of horses, bred as racers, but a racing horses sporting career doesn’t last that long, and horses aren’t ideal pets. It stands to reason that these horses have to go somewhere after they’ve “served their purpose”. Okay, not a nice thought, but surely it’s better than corpses being stacked up and used as pet foods or just incinerated?

Some people are claiming it’s enough to make them veggies.
If you are one of the folks that are disgusted by this mystery meat saga might I suggest butchers, real butchers not in supermarket ones.

Support the local little shop, the ones that know the name of the farm and probably the farmers family too. Local shops that will sell you a cheap bit of beef skirt and put it through a mincing machine in front of your eyes. You know whats in your spaghetti bolegneighs (too tempting sorry) then.

At our local butchers you can see straight into their walk in fridge from standing at the till. It’s a nice reassuring sight to see half a sheep, a bit of pork and a couple of cows in the fridge when you are buying bacon and beef mince!

(decent sausages from my freezer. Local butchers, local farmers, much more trustworthy I think)

In a supermarket you buy sausages and it has a photo of a pig on the label, BUT that does not mean it is definitely just piggy in it!

If you don’t want to buy local still avoid processed meats as much as possible… Stick with things you can see are decent, a whole chicken, a pack of bacon, a lamb joint, a whole fish.

Going veggie will not mean you avoid mucked about food either! Who knows whats in it if you can’t see what the ingredients are? Best thing is to buy whole ingredients and cook fresh as much as you can.

Okay, I know most haven’t the time to do this but why not just buy the fresh meat and veggies and add to a basic sauce.

Anything that has lots of chemical sounding names on the label is not as good for you as the photo of the packet implies.
In fact, why not grow your own fruit and veg and then you know its ok.

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