Yummy Mummy on The School Run

I was asked by StyleInView to have a peek at the website and make myself a “Yummy Mummy” look. So I’ve been having a fiddle about and made an outfit.

Think funky school run Mummy. I would so wear this, and I have a pair of purple Doc Martens similar to these.

Julie’s Yummy Mummy Look. Powered by Styleinview.co.uk

It took me moments to make an account, but a bit longer finding items I liked. The site is dead easy to use.

You can register for free here: www.styleinview.co.uk/ by clicking on the ‘register’ button in the top right corner. Then you just click on ‘Get the Look’ and then ‘Create a Look’ and follow the instruction.

I’ve gone for weird but cool flocked trousers, a classy black and white knit, and a white top underneath, as I’m always too hot or too cold, got to have layers ladies eh? The watch is, well, because its pretty and I’m always late. The DM’s are entirely because I always like a bit of bold colour, and purple matches the streak in my hair. I’ve not added any jewellery as I would wear it with the amethyst earrings and necklace my Mum had made for me.

The site brings you items from lots of big stores, Debenhams, Very, ASOS, John Lewis, M&S and Dorothy Perkins to name a few. (*affiliate links)

You browse through for any items you like and “Create a look” then you can share it to your hearts content, maybe use it to drop hints, as you can use social sharing buttons. Hint Hint, I might like new DM’s :-)


Disclosure: I have not been paid in any way for posting this.

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