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I was sent Sugru to review a while back, but I totally forgot to blog about it as I was raving about it on Instagram instead.
Sugru is strange stuff, a sort of putty in bright colours that dries into a rubbery substance. Once dry (or cured as the instructions refer to it) Sugru is UV resistant, water proof, dishwasherable, not afraid of extremes of hot or cold from -50C to +180C apparently), and electrically insulating. Wow!


So I decided my key could do with some fresh rubber. I had to use a special screwdriver but I took the fob apart and made a new button.


I started by poking a ball shaped piece of Sugru through the hole and then squashed what was left of my old button into the back of the Sugru so that the nobbly bit touched the keys electronics bit just right. No point making things pretty if it then doesn’t work?

I screwed my key back together thinking just one button would be ok, but I wanted to keep playing.


It says beep on the lock button as when I lock up Custard she beeps her horn. The unlock button is a heart because I love the freedom of driving.


I’ve also used this stuff instead of electrical tape on wires the pets have chewed, to repair shoes, phone leads and even to make new game pieces to replace missing items in board games.
Of Sugru, where have you been each time I wanted to do lazy DIY jobs?

Disclosure : I received a multi pack of samples for my opinion. That opinion is 5 out of 5, great stuff.

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