Sunshine, dogs and glasses

Eagle eyed followers of my social media channels may have noticed a little change recently – glasses. That’s right, spectacles, face furniture, four eyes and so on.
I bought my first pair from Boots Opticians in the city centre. I got them half price using a voucher on the eye test reminder letter, helpful that. You can see these here. I still paid a fair chunk of money for them, and extra for the purple tint on the lenses.

The pair that came in the post today were from and I am very impressed with them at the prices they sell for. I saw this is an excuse for some photographs…..


From the front these are plain


The Firmoo glasses arrived in a lovely hard case covered in Olde Worlde maps, a quality cleaning cloth, a nifty screwdriver keyring and a fabric case like sunglasses come in. These extras are easily worth around ten pounds, but they were included free. Get in!

These glasses, the lens, the postage and case etc cane to under £30. Similar at Boots cost me £70. Strangely Firmoo delivered faster than Boots too. I’ll be back I am sure.


Disclosure : this is a review post. I was given a code to gift me a free pair of glasses. I paid a small amount for a lens upgrade but it was a very good price, less than a fiver.

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