More wonderful street art 7

It seems the posts where I share local street art are popular, so here is a large bit of street art by “TRIX”. Although I have no idea who they are, I see this name on art about town. I have photographed this to remember it, in case it get removed. I adore graffiti work like this, it must have taken so many hours, and I can tell you it took weeks and months to appear there.

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Cardboard Canvas Prints by PhotoArtPrint From CanvasRus

I was recently offered the chance to try out an ARTbox Print. This is basically like a photo canvas BUT it is a cardboard box. Yes, I know, that sounds weird but it doesn’t look odd, honest. These are much cheaper than canvas prints, but when on the wall they look very similar indeed. For example a 20″ by 16″ (50cm x 40cm) canvas print at costs £40 but the cardboard ARTbox at sister site costs just £15! They both have a UK delivery charge of £9 per order (so buy 2 or more to make it better value) but mine was very well packaged – in fact the packaging was double the size of my ARTbox to make sure it was ok. The Art work!! “PhotoARTprint” are a relatively new idea, having only launched in November 2012. It is an internet baby, but with the reassurance it is run by “Canvas R […]