Romantic little things 3

Romantic doesn’t have to be a silly over-priced token gift. To me its the little things that are most romantic. Things like coffee and breakfast in bed, or when Blokey picks up on tiny things I say. As regular blog readers will know, I’ve had a troubled past. For me the sweetest thing ever was when we were talking about 80’s toys as we are the same age. I said how I used to collect Pound Puppies and Pound Purries but I had to leave them when I ran away, and I regretted that. Well I wasn’t dropping hints, I was not asking nor expecting him to find me any PP’s. But he went on ebay when I was asleep and bought a Pound Puppy mummy dog. The ones with the velcro tummy with babies inside. I was so surprised, a simple comment in a conversation, I had forgotten it […]

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Beautiful Birthday Cakes by Baker Days

Well it’s birthday season in mine and my partners families. Most of the birthdays fall between April and July! So not a bad time to discover Baker Days really. They send cute personalised cakes through the post, and it was just the right size to fit through the letter box. I was actually having a lie in when the corrugated cardboard box hit my hallway floor with a thump, but the content was unharmed. 10 out of 10 there, you can buy a cake as a surprise and not have to ask the recipient to stay in and look out for the postie. I choose chocolate cake as you might expect I would, with a lovely pattern and some butterflies and roses. Pretty In the box was a lovely little pastel yellow cake tin and the cake fitted just perfectly in this, which I am so reusing, a little flyer and a mini […]

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I’m a good girlfriend. Kinda… 2

This morning I woke up a little late as usual. But in my defence I’m not sleeping well.Today was the Misters birthday. I had two lots of cakey surprises…. The first lot was “breakfast in bed”. I had the tray of muffins under the bed, just reached over and grabbed them. He was shocked. I got shop bought muffins, placed them deceptively well into a 6 cake oven tray and iced OLD GIT on top. Presented them with a card that read “freshly made by me, well kinda. It’s the thought that counts right?” I am not a cook at all, and he appreciated the effort. Takes longer to walk to the shop than baking muffins would take, by if I’d made them they wouldn’t have tasted as nice. After this I took two cutesy cupcakes downstairs to him full of lit candles. Couldn’t really light those in bed. Would […]