blog camp


Blogging buddies 2

Today I am another blogger conference, yes I know non-blogger readers might not be interested, but I’m still writing it. These two, Mel and Lucy are fun to be with. I talk to them often, and not just blogging stuff. Real life and family, gossip and current affairs. Making friends online is so less scary than making friends down the pub ever was. You see us bloggers, we overshare our personal lives and our feelings. You know before you ever meet them in person if you’ll get on.


Hello Blog Camp 7

Right now I am sat in a session at Blog Camp. Sally opened with the title “Pro blogging is crap” which made me laugh.   Saying that really those 50 quid blog posts are under minimum wage when you factor in the blogging and photography and editing and administration and and and …. She’s right. It’s very low pay really, but I like it. I like meeting new people,  well I do and I don’t!  Most people are lovely but some are just so different from me I struggle to talk to them,  to relate.


What I’ve learned at blogcamp (#BCUK) 16

Today I went to Birmingham to chat and have coffee with bloggers learn things. If you’re a blogger and have no idea what blogcamp is, it’s a free bloggers event thingamywhatsit organised by those lovely Tots100 folk. The day centers around coffee, cake and cookies talking sessions such as how to properly use your SLR camera and how to collaborate with other bloggers more successfully. I zoned in on the “travel blogger” focused sessions as I really would love to travel more. I did not swat-up on who was talking, which brands were sponsoring the event (Show Room and Cow and Gate)  or ask loads of bloggers who was and wasn’t planning on coming.