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E45 Review 2

I have been trying out E45 the last couple of weeks, and I must say it is not bad. I have problem skin and have used the standard E45 before. But this is a new version with a deep red lid, and I much prefer it. It is called Nourish & Protect, and it has been great on my legs. The bottle states great for Mature skin, does this make me officially old now?  I’ve been using it daily, well if I remembered to that is! It really worked for me, I didn’t think it would to be honest. As I type I am sunburnt after a day in the garden so I’ve slapped the E45 on my shoulders and arms and I’m pretty confident I won’t peel. It smells ok too, not over powering. All things considered I’d rate it a 9 out of 10. I’m a Bzzagent. I try […]

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Vanish Powder Versus Tikka Stain 2

A little while ago bzzagent sent me some Vanish oxi-action to try out. I figure I should have posted photos ages ago, I’ve been using it on anything awkward before going in the washing machine or just bunging as scoop in the soap draw. I’ve found it not only shifts or helps lessen the appearance of visible stains, but fades smells lingering in fabrics better than washing powder does. For example towels I’ve used to dry the pets after a wash often smell horrid despite a wash. The staining. Fresh home made Tikka masala. This has ruined my boys clothing in the past. Rubbing in some Vanish and water paste. Amazing, no curry! Big thumbs up here. I recommend it for school uniforms. I’m a bzzagent, this means I’m part of a product testing panel. I wasn’t asked to post this blog, but I was given the product to try […]

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Dairylea, who wants some for free?

Have you had Dairylea lately? We were given the chance to try Dairylea for free recently by bzzagent, and thought I could blog it. My son Jenny likes cheese spread, we normally have the shop own brand ones, but avoiding the really low end ones. Jenny was delighted to see the branded version in our fridge. He chooses it over real cheese, and I don’t mind as its great for lunch boxes. I have noticed the Dairylea tubs also have a Try Me Free offer. You need to keep the receipt (maybe buy it on a seperate receipt) and post off. Full details are on the link above. #imabzzagent