Woof whiffs 1

As much as I love my hounds, ex stray dogs come with issues. Doris’ biggest flaw is so won’t tell us when she needs a pee. This means that most mornings she’s left a wet patch somewhere, obviously I’d rather like her to stop doing this, but as she’s not getting the hint I leave rugs in places she commonly pees so I can machine wash them. Sadly she goes next to the rug some nights and this is why I am happy I own a Vax. It’s not a big or powerful one, but it gets the job done eventually.


Carpetright are doing it right 4

Recently I have had enough of our awful beige-ish carpet in the lounge. I say ish as it is so stained, just who puts beige in the main living area of a family home? So I’ve popped down my local Carpetright* to chat with them and choose something a bit nicer. My living room feels small but is actually 5 by 5 meters which meant I couldn’t snag any of the brilliantly priced remnants as on the roll carpets come in a 4 meter width normally. Rather a few of the remnants are creams and beiges but there were some fun colours such as red, turquoise and a blue stripe.