Cheese Intolerance


A weekend in Devon 2

I am writing this from a gorgeous en-suite bathroom at Lympscott cottage in Devon (thanks to,  it’s a lovely bathroom but I’d rather be asleep in bed given its now 2am. I’m sat on the floor willing my stomach to calm the heck down. It’s been a great day, I gatecrashed a swim the channel challenge at Bude sea pool on Summerleaze beach,  I’ve been for a 3 mile walk around a lake and gone to a quaint pub for dinner. Sadly I ate cheese at lunchtime,  I thought I’d be alright but nope. During the treasure hunt lake walk my belly started to swell up to pregnant proportions and the pain built up. I’ve been cranky and a bit moany,  I now feel a bit guilty. Sitting here, knowing three other people can hear me being unwell, I am praying they are asleep. I was thinking of wandering to […]

Cheese Intolerance, ouch I look pregnant

Let me start by saying I am not adding a bump photo. I have intolerance to strong cheeses and I avoid certain brands I know to cause me an issue. It’s not all cheeses, and I know whats ok and not. Today we went into town center as a family. A spot of window shopping for Crimbo gifts, taking kids into shops and judging reactions. Was going ok, ruled out some gifts for the boys and showed me what they might actually choose. Very handy! Then I said let’s go to Subway for lunch. Wish I hadn’t to be honest. I had what I often have, a tikka sub with spicy cheese. There was no signage saying the cheese had changed. It looked slightly different but I thought nothing else of it until half an hour later. Massive stomach pains and I had difficulty sitting back in the car as […]