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Almost Late for School 1

Today has been one of those bad days, things getting on my nerves, some bad news and money worries. On the way to school this morning it was dry as I walked out of the front door but chucking it down by the time I’d got my cycle from the garage. I pedal fast with Jen but the rain was right in our faces, and so was the wind. Then it stopped once I got him inside the classroom! Typical eh?Then I came home and did some laundry. All seemed OK until I took the items out of the washer. Everything had brown powdery marks on them like someone had washed it in cocoa powder. I’ve no idea why this keeps happening every few washes recently. Then I tried to use the toaster, but it failed. Was plugged in and turned on, put the bread in and pushed button, nothing! […]

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Snowy Pet Photos 1

Well it’s snowing outside and it’s currently circling and swirling in the wind. This blizzard that’s predicted might actually happen. Sadly the boys school was one of just two primary schools that didn’t close. Just waiting for the “please pick children up early” text message now. It’s pretty likely as I noticed several teachers were missing. The boys were disappointed. Anyway, cute animals in the snow photos time! Frozen chickens and a chilly bunny. Cute bunny, he’s put himself in chicken run, he is actually free range today.

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Christmas wish list for my Pets, GJW Titmuss blogger challenge

I saw via Twitter a blogger challenge to create a dream stocking of £200 for your pets. The main rule is any items from the site, but not more than £200, I’ve managed to get just pence under that target. The details are here on GJW Titmuss website. I think its a really generous competition, and I’m tempted by some of the items on the website. Below I have copied my basket. We have 4 pets. Dotty, a very elderly rescued Guinea pig, Patch the rabbit, and Tikka and Fajita our young hens. Tikka and Fajita are in a brand new home, unlike Patch and Dotty. Dotty lives in an old and slightly damaged indoor cage in my living room, he was outside for a short while but he is very much in need of company and was distressed outside. He would love a new home I’m sure, I have […]

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Chickens update

Well its freezing where we live, frost over night and between 2 and 6 degrees in daylight. Despite that Tikka just started laying eggs. Fajita has been laying about 3 weeks now. The paler ones are from Tikka and the normal coloured one is Fajita’s. This looks boring, but to my boys it was exciting. The first egg from home, cooked for lunch one day last week. (others have been used but as ingredients so they didn’t notice) The girls have settled in completely now, and are pretty confident except when it comes to the neighbours cat. This moggy is not learning its unwelcome despite water pistol and Nerf gun attacks from the boys and I. Not just random mean-Ness I should add, but purely in defence of our hens. The girls make a different noise when cat comes into our garden, they sound like ducks! It’s effective though, as […]


A review of Poultry starter kit, from countrywide farm stores

A few months back we bought this chicken starter kit from CountryWide farm shop near our home. We had been looking at Omlet Eglu chicken homes* but they were so expensive. The online price shows £250 but we waited until a special offer weekend to buy and paid £200. Worth the wait to save fifty pounds. It’s a good basic package, but once you actually put chickens in this home its just not big enough. The shop staff had stated we would be able to keep 3 to 4 chickens. But this would be mean, in fact the local farmer we bought the chickies from refused to sell us 3 chickens after quizzing partner on our chicken run and coop size. This was a bit of a disappointment, but doesn’t matter now. We’ve had the girlies a little while now and they seem to be ok with it. The starter […]

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Review for Cubby Kit. Complete boxed up craft projects. 4

PLEASE NOTE, cubby kit have sadly gone out of business, so these links may not work, but I am leaving it here as it was a lovely idea, and I love the photos. Recently the postman knocked with a rather large cardboard box, with pale blue printing on it to look like an old fashioned suitcase. He never gets things arrive addressed to him, so was a treat! Suitcase design on box (Jen had chicken pox in photos, sorry) The quality of the items in CubbyKits are really good, I was really impressed to find pencils and child scissors included…. often “complete” craft kits don’t have things like glue or child sized scissors, assuming every parent already has those, well I didn’t! So thanks muchly for those scissors, better than the ones his big brothers school use for sure. Some items in each kit could be kept after the CubbyKit […]

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Chicken pox 3

The little one has chicken pox again, its his second time. He’s not too happy about it, he says they hurt/itch him. Problem is I had them 9 times myself, so I think an immunity issue? Either way my lad looks like a giant dot to dot puzzle.

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D’s Yummy Food Competition Entry

Here’s D’s entry into the Yummy food competition How could I resist, the chance to win £100 of Amazon vouchers for getting my little guys drawing? This lovely competition is hosted on the “A Boy With Aspergers Blog” which is well worth a read, and not just for this competition. Cup of Cola, Chocy ice cream, Brocolli, Carrots, Meatballs with pasta, and chicken drumsticks.