Unexplainable guilty feeling 6

This weekend was BritMumsLive. I love BritMums so don’t worry, it’s not about the event. It’s about feelings. Deep feelings. At the close of BML they always have “blogger keynote speeches” – this is where bloggers read out a moving, brilliant or funny post themselves, in their own voice. Sadly this year’s speeches were mostly extremely moving. I could barely breathe through tears and snot – I cried so much my snot became like tears. During my blubbing others moved closer, especially Jane. I rested my snotty head on her shoulder as I sobbed. That’s what we do, we pull together even though we rarely meet in “real life”, it’s just how us parent bloggers roll. I'm going to cry I think @downssideup X #britmumslive A video posted by Julie's Notebook (@juliesnotebook) on Jun 20, 2015 at 8:36am PDT Hayley read Dear Richard Dawkins you are wrong and I remember […]


Lonely And Cold 12

It’s not been great recently, I won’t lie. I’m done, I’ve had enough and I want out. Except I’ve no where really to go. I can’t stand Him Indoors telling me I’m useless, that I’m lazy and milking an “illness” and should get a job… in retail no less. He keeps pointing out shop work : you know, what therapist and doctors and an independent occupational health adviser agree I’m not suited for. Retail nearly saw me leap from a window. Since not “working” I’ve got in to blogging, trying to blog for good, not just personal rants or reviews. I’ve helped charities, and supported others in the “online community”. To him they are strangers, people that don’t matter. To me they are my only friends. I need them, and I hope it’s a two-way friendship that they like me back.


Do you need to talk?

I noticed that The Depressed Moose had one of those depression questionaires. I don’t mean magazine ones that have little or no intelligence behind them, no a real doctors tick sheet. You answer a few questions, each answer is worth 0-3 points. If you get a higher score, you should probably be talking to a doctor. Would be great if me sharing this form helped just 1 person avoid a breakdown, catching it whilst its still slight or moderate depression rather than  my slightly insane little meltdown. So here you go, utterly stolen from Moose, but with permission, so its all good. I’d recommend opening the file (.pdf) and then using Calculator on your computer screen, no effort. This Form Could Change a Life The PHQ9 Questionnaire is used by GP’s to asses your depression. If you suspect that you or, someone you know, has depression have a look at the […]

The icing on the cake… 2

It’s been a rough couple of months at work, I work in one of those “shop within a shop” places. I can’t name my little company, or the big company whose building I work within. Known from here on in as little and big just so it reads easily and stays fairly anon. The “Us and Them” office politics that big imposes on little is getting worse. Last year I put in such a strong complaint about someone from big that they were dismissed…. as soon as that tyrant was gone, other staff in big seemed more than happy to adopt the Cruella De’ville personality and make everyone else miserable. Now I like little, but since big made us move location within the building we are now painfully quite. My store was above targets, doing well, now its clearly declining. Big are making me very unwelcome, and to be honest […]