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Work Vs Benefits 2

What to do? I’ve been off since October due to mental health. I still think returning to retail is wrong for me. I could work, but I’ve a great number of phobias and issues that limit the work I can do. How can you do shift work when afraid of the dark? I can’t even go into my garden after dark unless accompanied. Can’t work at the hospital due to my extreme medical phobias. Anything door to door is a non starter, fear of dogs and agoraphobia. It’s fun being different. :-/ I’m no longer getting paid by my employer as it’s been so long. But the idea of letting the benefit agency and ATOS scrutinise my mental health frightens me nearly as much as working with strangers. I’ve only ever done shop work, so office jobs don’t even respond to my applications. Or I get told irrelevant experience, wrong […]

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Please, bag it and bin it

#CleanUpAfterDogs Today I’ve been having a bit of a rant about dogs poo. I’m fed up of other peoples pet poo in my garden, and on the path next to my house. It’s taking the pee! There is currently THREE lots of dogs mess and one lot of cats mess in my front garden. Then a huge heap on the path that links my front door to the back of the house, where the road is. I’m not being quiet anymore – please dog owners, get it picked up. “Keep Britain Tidy” have free posters and stickers about various campaigns, and I’ve requested the posters and bin stickers that mention the “Poo Fairy”. The posters will go on my downstairs windows and I’m going to staple one to my fence in a poly-pocket so the dog owning neighbours go past it. The stickers are going on local bins, but also […]

First day camping

Well, we arrived, albeit rather later than planned. (my fault as I’m lazy.) It’s nearly 10pm as I start to write this blog from my phone. First kettle of the day is *finally* boiling, Hurrah! Hot chocolate, cow pjs and bed time. It’s been a stressful afternoon, the drive here wasn’t so bad, except a near miss on the motorway. We were in the middle lane, sensible speed overtaking a small car. A car in the slow lane indicates to pull into middle lane, in front of us, and a car in fast lane does the same. Neither bothers to check properly that its clear and neither seemed to see each other, or our car. Hard to miss us really, estate car, roof box and a trailer!! Anyways, it was ok – I closed my eyes and braced for a crash, told kids to sit up straight (so seat belts […]