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Vroom Vroom 2

Ok, my last post was big news, a sky dive for charity, but this is big news for me too.   Custard and Jen pointing at his sunshade! Last night I booked (ok partner booked using my cards) my driving Theory Test. It’s in a couple of weeks time, then after booking that I did an online practice test, and I got 45/50 and the passing grade is 43 or higher. So I can pass, and I intend to pass first time. I’ve downloaded the Highway Code to my kindle, yes I know, it’s not the average bed time reading, but I want to know it all in case I get tricky questions on the day. My new instructor says I will pass, and he has no desire whatsoever to use the dual-controls with me. It is a nice feeling, I know I can, and I want my licence a […]

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Mothers Day at my Place 3

It didn’t start perfect, Jen wet his bed in the night, thankfully his bed has special sheets on and it worked well (a review on that to follow soon). So in the night he came into my bed when I was asleep, the smell of wee woke me, at which point was too late as he’d been lying in my bed for long enough to let his soaked pjs get my bed stinky and wet. Lovely… First task of mothers day, lots of washing including both quilts.Wish he’d stayed in his bed. When I woke this morning I was greeted by an almost naked Jen waving a box of chocolates at me, suggesting I forget breakfast and eat these. I obliged of course. Would be rude not to! Shortly after this partner appears with a mug of coffee and D comes in with this… I love trees. I’ve run out […]

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Please meet Custard! 4

OK, not a new pet for a change. My new car, my first car! I know I know…. I’m about ten years behind other people in taking this step. But I am finally going to get some freedom. This is big for me. Full shot of Custard…Pretty good on the inside too, and NO I didn’t let Jen drive 😛 She only has one proper scratch. Remarkable for a ten year old motor. Anyway I’m pleased with her. Now I just need a full driving license. 😀

I get the car on Saturday

Yup, thats right, I bought the car! I am now a car owner for the first time. How grown up. I will add a photo on Saturday, but shes yellowish gold coloured. A ten year old Peugeot 307, with no real damage and a perfect engine.I’ve sorted insurance, although I need to get my provisional licence sorted out… I have had my photo taken- by Jessops. Such a shame about them. The car tax and MOT is being arranged by the car garage. So if I’m right all I need now is a driving test. Oh yeah, finally going to get independent. Sadly it’s only because of Nans will money, but she would be impressed I’ve used it on something sensible, useful and not just blown it on clothes or shoes. I think I’m going to name my car “Custard” unless anyone cares to suggest other names

My first car, maybe? 2

Well today I went out and “tried cars on” thinking would be just window shopping. I’m rather tall, I was more than 6ft tall before my back problem. This means my legs are disproportionately long. Getting on buses hurts as I can normally only fit in the disabled seats… I appear plain old lazy, but I am unable to get my legs in the normal seats. Cars are the same, many are so tight I can’t get in the back whatsoever. As a front seat passenger I’m ok as I move the seat back and put my knees to one side. You can’t do this in the drivers seat as the wheel gets in the way. Plus you kind of need to have control of your feet. Clios, corsas and old fiestas are a no go, despite being sensible mummy cars. I actually want a mini but I’m sure you […]

Stress, shouting and chest pain

It’s been a stressful day for me. Well stressful week. I went out recently with my mother, first time I’d been near the city center since was signed off. Since I went mad I should say. I was so nervous and freaked out I felt like I was going to be sick, not that I was telling mum that. I was noticeably fidgity, constantly pulling and twisting and stroking my hair. I’m losing hair if I’m honest now. Can see thinner patches, have my hand in my hair right now infact. People in general don’t understand mental health problems, unless they’ve been here. Right now I’m hiding in the dark, yet again. I’ve been home with both kids today. They’ve been ignoring my attempts at parenting, only time they listen is if I’m holding food. The rest of the time its like being with feral animals. Unsure if they intend […]

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A nice day out on the trains?

Today we are at Winchcombe station. Hubby is driving a train, something he’s wanted to do for years. His work are paying, something they call personal development fund. Employees are allowed an expensive experience day. So here we are, the preserved railway known as the GWR. That is Gloucestershire-Warwickshire Railway not the famous old Great Western Railway. For the kids and me this is a boring day. Sat in a train carriage being pulled by the class 20 diesel engine Hubby is driving. Would have been OK, except D is off on one. I seriously think the boy has aspergers and I can not cope with his bratty temper tantrums. We are in an old BR train carriage, the kind with compartments. So i am effectively locked in a small place with 2 kids. Jen just wants his big brother to stop being aggressive and evil, OK Jen is no saint […]

So glad he’s coming home now!

My other half is on the motorway driving back now. He’s been away since Sunday.It’s been a stressful 2 days, my boys have been arguing and fighting each other, last night Jen was ill so he was awake until about 2.30am which was fun, then this morning my dishwasher failed mid program. Now I have loads of half washed stuff and a dishwasher full of dirty water. No idea how I can empty it out now, even in stand by it makes a strange growly noise. Can’t even make it start another program, just will not go. Does anyone know anything about dishwashers? I could vlog (video blog) the problem and noise? Really can’t afford a new one after spending so much getting passports, suitcases, swimming shorts for the kids, train to from London, a hotel for Friday night etc. Why do things break when you can’t afford to repair/replace […]


Ok, so I’m not much of a blogger but

Now that I’m getting the hang of blogging, mainly by stalking twitter friends blogs I am getting more confident at this. I thought I’d have a little waffle, if this is OK with you guys? As you might know, as I hobby I comp. For those of you that don’t know “comp” or “comping” is entering competitions as a hobby, for profit, for the thrill or just because you’ve nowt better to do… which is how my addiction to comping started incidentally. In Feb 2011 we had a phone call from first news (children’s newspaper) about a competition my eldest had entered. It was quite a shock, and cried, was shaking, the LOT. He had won us a weeks holiday to Universal theme parks in Florida!! Gobsmacked and shell shocked didn’t begin to cover it. I was assured I would hear from Universal within a week, and that’s where the stress […]