5 Easter movies worth watching*

This Easter weekend why not snuggle up with the family on the sofa and watch some Easter themed films on a Panasonic Viera tv. These all feature bunnies or Easter traditions. Do you have favourite Easter films or TV shows? Hop. The first film on my list is a modern classic. It is a brilliantly funny film, with both animation and live action. It has bunny rabbits, Easter chicks, lots of chocolate and seasonal fun. Oh and jelly beans are rabbit poop…..


Halloween is coming – WIN 38

As it is Autumn now that means one thing, Halloween. Yippee! I like Halloween, an excuse to say hiya to all my neighbours when the kids go out in fancy dress. In fact I only see certain neighbours at Halloween, to us it’s not frightening it’s just fun. This will be Doris Dog’s first Halloween here, so I’m going to need a costume for both her and Freya Woof. My son is saying we should have them dressed as a dead horse, a bit like in panto horse – half each. If I can find a big enough horse teddy I might be able to adapt this into a pair of dog outfits. They are most likely going to be ending up dressed in outfits from the child clothing section in local shops though. Another classic of Halloween is the horror film and Wes Craven was the Daddy of all […]