Carex fun editions 2

Last week this parcel arrived, very clever I thought as it meant I could check that the products do smell like the sweets. Yup, indeed they do. These are Carex Fun Editions. As you probably have heard before, Carex products kill 99.9% of bacteria. I always have a little bottle of hand sanitizer gel in my hand bag or pocket when walking the dog (for obvious reasons) and I had just run out of a supermarket own brand that was in my handbag. Strangely my boys think this strawberry lace scented gel smells nasty, but they are wrong, I say its nice and of course as the Mother I win. The liquid soap is bubble gum scented and oh my word it is divine. It’s like jumping into the Inventing Room in Willy Wonka’s factory. DO NOT drink this soap, it smells much much more edible than it actually is. […]