I’ll just have a meltdown now

So Hubby just got home this evening…. He was wearing a flipping cowboy hat. That was it, annoyed and upset. I passionately HATE all things to do with western films and cowboys. Ho hum.. All i wanted was a hug but all i got was a discussion on why i hate the hat so much. Still haven’t got a hug from either of the kids or Hubby. Great fun i am having. Honest guv. I’ll just do housework until they remember im here? I just want to feel like a person again, not just a mother.

So my hubby has gone a few hours ago…

Already i feel as though i might go crazy. He’s gone to Canada for work again. He left Gloucs at 11am and took off from Heathrow at half past 5. I feel so alone already…. Some people shouldn’t be parents and i suspect I am one of those. I have honestly already been crying, kids are really different when he’s not here. We don’t live in a show home, far from it, but call me a snob, i don’t find it as funny as my boys do to throw food across the room, stamp, rant and even tip a cup with hot chocolate in it onto a beige carpet whilst stareing at me…. Then threw it at the door! This was the 4year old. The 9year old miniature teen has been grunting, ranting, complaining and letting me know what a rubbish parent i am. I need help! I wrote on […]