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Come fly with us to Kos? 30

Airline food blogger Nikos Loukas of Inflight Feed is calling on airlines, inflight caterers and their suppliers to donate blankets, pillows, toiletries kits, inflight kids packs, food and water to those in need in Greece and France. He then wants to charter a plane from London to Kos to deliver it all, along with volunteers. Loukas is hoping to charter a plane on the 27th September to deliver donations along with 130 volunteers to assist on the ground. The plan? To provide meals and comfort to those struggling in Greece. So far airports and airline caterers across the UK and Europe have quickly offered Loukas free storage space to accept delivery of donations. Whilst donations such as pre packed meals, children’s fun packs and coffee cups have started to trickle in since he started the campaign on the weekend, however he still requires further donations from the airline industry.

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Oxfam Christmas Toy Range 2

Jen and D received a lovely retro gift in the post thanks to Oxfam. It is a boxed set of glass “days-gone-by” marbles, although marbles aren’t modern, and unlikely to appeal to the 3DS generation my lads like them. On our recent holiday to Devon Jen wanted to buy marbles from every little gift shop we went near. As we were camping we refused to buy any, as we knew if they were lost camping in the woods there would be many tears and sniffling. When these marbles came Jen was very pleased, “Ooooooh these are them things I wanted to buy in Devon Mum!” Although we’ve had these in the house for over a week life gets in the way sometimes, parents evenings, dog adoptions, play dates with little friends, and we’ve just got around to playing with them – sorry Oxfam.   Like me you might have been unaware […]


Helping Charity for a few clicks?

After all the recent fuss about photos of sick kids on facebook I wanted to write something positive, to try to encourage sharing in a good way. If you have managed to avoid this new craze of pimping out photos for as many “Likes and shares” as they can get, then consider yourself lucky. I’m all for helping ill children, and there are lovely sites out there like Post Pals, where you write a letter or send a present to a child via a lovely team of people, so the child’s home address never gets made public. Or you could have a look around on Just Giving for people doing sponsored things to raise money for charities. Or you could even start an event, do a sponsored walk, sitting in a bath of baked beans, or having your hair shaved / dyed ludicrous colours in the hopes of getting charity funds. Or […]